A personal campaign sponsored by Donald Malchow

Support Me

Bike Like Mike is back for the second year and we're still rip-roaring to go. Our wheels have been spinning since last year's bike ride from Madison to St. Louis and we're making the trip from Milwaukee to Madison this year on June 15th.

We're biking in honor of my father Mike Malchow, an avid around-town-biker whose collection of garage sale bikes is as big as his heart, and we're hoping you can join us... My dad is my hero and he inspires me every day to do something bigger than myself. He was diagnosed with PD in May of 2006 and told me as I was writing this that "it doesn't have to be about me at all".

I love biking because of him and he taught me to do what you can, while you can to help others. So if you're interested in helping out. Join us, donate, let your friends and family know. This year we're hoping to do more and we're excited.

Peace, love, and bike like mike.


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