In Loving Memory of Valerie

A personal campaign sponsored by The family of Valerie Brown

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In loving memory of Valerie Brown.....

Over the past few weeks we have heard so many wonderful stories about our Mom.  Her sense of humor, her knowledge, how fiercely she loved us, how proud she was of her children and grandchildren and most importantly her strength.  She taught us that we can take on any battle that comes our way.  She held many important roles in our lives but her most cherished was Nana.  We love and will miss you every day...

Our Mom has battled a subset of Parkinson's Disease called Corticobasal degeneration for which there is no cure.  As a family we have chosen to create this page to draw attention and help raise funds to fight this rare disease.

In Lieu of Flowers, we kindly ask you to please consider donating in honor of Valerie to help fund research to assist others that are battling this disease everyday.  We also want to share our gratitude to the local AZ chapter that helped educate our parents on how to manage the disease and the support groups that helped them get through the ups and downs of their fight, the knowledge they provided our Dad to take such great care of her and most importantly Honor her memory.   Also please feel free to share any of your memories of our Mom below.

Thank you for visiting our page.  Your donations will help in the following ways:

■ Health and wellness initiatives that deliver programs to help people maintain independence and optimism ■ Education, communication, and support programs that share care and treatment options and connect people with Parkinson’s disease to one another ■ Expedited and innovative research to develop promising clinical approaches and better outcomes ■ Funding of the next generation of scientists dedicated to finding new treatments and a cure

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