APDA Oklahoma Optimism Walk
Saturday, October 26, 2019
Woodland Hills Mall
7021 S. Memorial Drive
Tulsa, OK  74133

I need YOUR help...

Did you know that every 9 minutes someone is diagnosed with Parksinson's disease?? Is the next person diagnosed going to be a loved one? Someone you work with? One of your neighbors?

Thank you for visiting my personal Fundraising Page for the APDA Optimism Walk!  Please help me reach my goal by making an easy online gift today!

I want to explain why this walk and raising money for Parkinson's Disease is important to me.

For those that don't know - my dad, Jim McClellan, has Parkinson's Disease (or PD). He was diagnosed while I was still in college and we've learned a lot since then.How did we get to this diagnosis? Well, as a band kid, my dad was always drumming on the steering wheel while driving. It wasn't unusual to see him tapping or drumming on the wheel but as his drumming started getting off beat or happening when he wasn't intending to, we knew something had to be asked.

After many talks with doctors, we got to the PD diagnosis. I still remember my mom texting me during one of my college classes when the diagnosis came in. She knew I was worried that he was headed to a neurologist and knew that I would have my phone out during class.

A few months after that diagnosis, I learned my now husband's grandmother also has Parkinson's Disease.

There isn't much that can be done to support these people when you live in a different state. Enter the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Parkinson Disease Association. I moved Tulsa and started volunteering as a "celebrity judge" for Pennies for Pearls (one of the biggest fundraisers for this  chapter).

I started talking with Jenny Johnson about what PD meant to me and that I wanted to volunteer more and find a way to help out.

Three and a half years later, here I am volunteering with APDA in many ways and walking to raise support for this chapter that has helped me learn so much to help out my dad and my husband's grandmother.

All funds raised enable the American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) to continue providing local education, information and support to those touched by Parkinson disease in our community and fund scientific research into the causes, prevention, treatments and ultimately the cure.

The more funds we raise, the more people we can help!

Did you know that a $50 donation could provide a 2 hour session with an entire extended family to educate on the symptoms and treatments of this disease. These sessions allow members to stay ahead of the game and proactive in their approach to treating Parkinsonā€™s symptoms.

Who do you know that could use a session like this? 

You can make an online donation by clicking on the 'Support Me' button. You will automatically receive a confirmation email and I will be notified by email of your support.

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity. Together, we are truly making a difference for those in need!


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