Jim was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 15 years ago. Fortunately, he’s always been under the care of excellent movement disorder specialists who are making steady progress on new medications and treatments. We are optimistic that research will provide more hope for those with Parkinson’s. Even with that, it has been a difficult journey for Jim. Thankfully he is surrounded by the best group of friends and family a guy could ask for who keep him laughing, loving and living his best life!

The APDA Fundraising Optimism Walk will be held in Naperville on Saturday, September 7th and in honor of this milestone year for Jim we’d love to provide him with a large group of walkers behind him. Any contribution of your time or money will be appreciated tenfold! We can never thank you all enough for your love and support for our entire family over these past 15 years, it means the world to all of us.

Thank you -- Jim, Deb, Susan, John & Allie


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