Welcome to our 10th Annual 2017 PD Walkers at the IMT Des Moines MarathonTeam Page! We joined together to form a team because we can make a difference together!!

We are participating to support the American Parkinson Disease Association Iowa Chapter. Proceeds from the PD Walkers event will help bring more awareness to Parkinson's disease, empower people with PD and help fund research in the fight against this disease. The Iowa Chapter supports the Iowa Information and Referral Center (I&R) which provides education, organizes PD conferences, and is a resource for patients and family members who live with PD and other related diseases in the state of Iowa. The Center also provides support and resources for over 30 support groups across Iowa and neighboring states.

Any contribution is appreciated!

We can’t do it without you! 



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Quick Stats

$219.00 Raised
5 Participants