Pounds 4 Parkinson's

A personal campaign sponsored by Rebecca Ponzini

April 1, 2012

Support Me

As a tribute to my dedication of being an active, healthy Parkinson's partner to my husband, Chris: for the entire month of April 2012, I will eat healthy and exercise for (at least) one hour a day in order to lose weight.

Want to encourage me?????
I will ask each of my sponsors to pledge a minimum of $1 for each pound I lose during the month.

Example: You pledge $2 a pound. On May 1st, I report to you that I lost 10 pounds. Your donation to the APDA would equal $20.

I will be accepting sponsors until April 30, 2012. If I am successful in my weight loss endeavor, your donation will be calculated and due as of May 1, 2012.

My promise to my sponsors:
I will send a weekly email update to my sponsors so that they can monitor my progress. I will also post progress notes on our Young Onset Parkinson's Group page on Facebook. I will take measurements and before pictures as well as photo proof of what my scale says! :o)

Just so you know...
I have been a successful dieter several times in the past, the most I have lost in one month's time before was 20 lbs. (Although that was starting at a heavier weight than I am now.) That was also when I had a gym membership, and no children....haha!

If you are not able to make a pledge, but would still like to donate to our cause, please click the "Donate Now" button for donating instructions.

The Young Onset Parkinson's Support Group on Facebook that my husband and I started:


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