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Courage & Grace with Parkinson's

A personal campaign sponsored by Greg Chesmore

April 16, 2018

Support Me

Friends and Family,

It's hard to explain how Parkinson's impacts our daily's just a constant presence.  And it impacts each of us.  Stiffness, tremors, fatigue, cognitive and speech challenges...they impact so many daily interactions.  But it's our life, and we accept it.  We go beyond accepting it, we embrace it as the reality in our family.  A family that even while battling Parkinson's is very, very blessed.  

There is no cure for PD.  There is little in terms of promising therapies in the pipeline.  But we remain hopeful for a breakthrough.  Hopeful for something to better manage the symptoms...but ultimately something to give us hope for the future...and a CURE.  That hope comes in many forms.  We hope that innovative biopharmaceutical companies and public researchers, who invest so much to find cures, will continue to advance their work to find new therapies to help people with PD.  We hope that there continues to be robust, diverse, local activities that keep people living with PD active and engaged---because we know exercise and "keeping moving" is critical to fighting the progression of the disease.  And we hope that people don't think that the basic therapies available to people living with PD are "enough" and that patients aren't worthy of more.  We MUST make faster progress in helping people living with PD.

Our ask of you today---our friends and families---is to join us in the fight.  

1) Attend the April 21 event in Madison at Blackhawk Country Club.  It's always a fun evening---great wine, food, silent auction and time together raising funds for the cause.  You can purchase tickets here:

2)  If you can't attend (we know many of you are simply too far away!), please send a tax deductible donation today to the American Parkinson Disease Association...for research, advocacy and support for loved ones.  Your gift is critical to ensure that the 2018 Wine & Food Event in Madison, which Chad & I co-chair, will be a smashing success.

And please take a moment to acknowledge and honor my partner and hero, Chad.  He doesn't want/like/expect kudos for all he does.  He battles PD every day in his own way...with grace and acceptance.  But PD doesn't own him.  He will not let PD stop him from raising his 9-year-old and providing Jordan with everything he needs (and more!).  He will not let PD rob him of making memories with friends and family.  In honor of his courage and grace in fighting this horrible disease, I ask you make a contribution in Chad's honor.

Thanks to each of you!  We are so grateful for all of the love in our lives.


Greg, Chad & Jordan


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