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August 20, 2016

Support Me

The hiking team needs YOUR help...

A hike team of people with Parkinson’s (PWP) and support people will hike the Pacific Crest Trail southbound from Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass in Washington state to raise money for Parkinson’s research and awareness.  The dates are August 20-28, 2016.  It will be pack supported with two wranglers and several mules. Our team of 12 people will average 9.25 miles per day over nine days with approximately 2000 elevation gain per day and a total of 72 miles.  For more information and to follow our progress please visit

Why are we raising money for Parkinson’s disease?  We, the hiker team, want to increase Parkinson’s awareness and show there is hope for future medical advances.  We, as hikers living with Parkinson’s, have already benefited greatly from the organizations below and by raising money we feel we can give something back.

Please give whatever you can, but here are some suggestions that tie our effort of 72 miles in nine days to your generous donation.

  • $25 donation, Friends of PassToPass
  • $1 per mile = $72
  • $2 per mile = $144
  • $5 per mile = $360
  • $10 per mile = $720
  • Any amount is certainly welcomed as well

You can make an online donation by clicking on the 'Support Me' button. You will automatically receive a confirmation email and I will be notified by email of your support. Together we are truly making a difference for those in need!


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