Jessica Mello

Team Captain Johnny 2019 Rhode Island Optimism Walk

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Who am I?

My name is Jessica Mello. I am a 31 year old mother to my beautiful 2 year old daughter Quinn, a wife to my supportive husband Wesley, an Occupational Therapist, friend and a DAUGHTER.  I have three amazing older brothers: Jeff, Kevin and Evan. I also have the worlds greatest parents. My family means absolutely everything to me.


This team is in honor of my dad, Team Johnny. My dad has been living with Parkinsons Disease for over 10 years. Through all the difficulty and hardship, I have always seen one person as my superhero, my DAD. He worked hard for his family. He gave himself, his energy and his strength to support our family, alongside his equally passionate and powerful wife. As he grew older, his steps slower, his stature bent, and his fight began. It was difficult to hear the diagnosis, about a man who always appeared so strong, so capable, so astonishly vibrant. He's lost a lot of who he was, but he has become so much more- a loving husband, genuine father, committed and caring vavo. Recently he was diagnosed with bone METS, he has faced this new dx with such courage and strength. He has shown me how to be strong when life is heaviest. He has taught me to be caring, and brave. He has taught me to smile as the only way to fight out of the dark. 

So, I walk for him, for every step he can no longer step himself, for every inch he now shuffles, I stride. THIS IS FOR MY DAD, TEAM JOHNNY. 

Thank you in advance for your time. support, and LOVE. 


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