Dear Friends,

On Saturday, September 22,  I will be joining the APDA Transformers Team at the APDA Optimism Walk on Long Island.  I am walking in honor of my very dear  friend, Ross Collard, who has been living with Parkinson’s Disease for over 20 years.  He inspires me every day to work harder to raise dollars to provide services for people with PD and support research.  Ross’ sense of humor and his grit and determination have helped him meet the daily challenges of PD.  He amazes me with his ability to keep his mind engaged and his body strong through boxing classes, yoga, singing and art programs.   Ross is a contender. 

I am asking for your support to help Ross and the 1 million people in the United States who wake up each morning not knowing what their  PD will be like on that day.  The American Parkinson Disease Association’ is there all along the journey.  Every day, we provide the support, education, and research that will help everyone impacted by Parkinson’s disease live life to the fullest.

Your support can make a difference!  Last year the APDA provided programs that offered  support groups, exercise and educational programs across the country.  We also fund the brightest medical professionals who have dedicated their careers to discover a way to  halt the disease and eventually find a cure.

Please  make a donation in honor of Ross.  Your gift will be put to good use and greatly appreciated.

With all my  love and thanks,


  • Every 9 minutes someone is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

  • Funds raised enable the American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) to continue providing local education, information and support to those touched by Parkinson disease in our community and fund scientific research into the causes, prevention, treatments and ultimately the cure.

  • The more funds we raise, the more people we can help!

You can make an online donation by clicking on the 'Support Me' button. You will automatically receive a confirmation email and I will be notified by email of your support.

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity. Together, we are truly making a difference for those in need!


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