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Welcome to our personal fundraising page!  Once again we all plan to participate in the 5K at the Des Moines Marathon with our family and the PD Walkers.

As so many of you know, our Grandma Lin has been battling Parkinson's Disease for years.  It is a devastating disease that has taken her independence and her ability to do so many things that she loves, like having a conversation with us, holding her grandbabies, crafting, and so much more.  She has had to live in a nursing home away from our Grandpa Al for the past several years and requires care 24 hours a day.  We want to raise money in hopes that someday there will be a cure and no one else's Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, or Dad will have to battle this disease.  We also want to raise money to support the PD Walkers so that other families like ours will have somewhere they can turn to for support.  We are running for our Grandma Lin and are hoping you will consider donating to our page to support this cause that is so important to our entire family. 

Proceeds from the PD Walkers event will help bring more awareness to Iowans with Parkinson's disease, empower people with PD on the benefits of exercise and help fund research in the fight against this disease. The Chapter supports the Iowa Information and Referral Center (I&R) which provides education, organizes PD conferences, and is a resource for patients and family members who live with PD and other related diseases in the state of Iowa. The Center also provides support and resources for over 30 support groups across Iowa and neighboring states.

Thank you!

Clara, Gwen, and Ada Mews

Remember your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.


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