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APDA NW Every 9 Minutes

Join us on November 9, 2020

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Every 9 minutes someone in the US is diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. This means approximately one million Americans are living with PD, and that number is growing at an alarming rate. As a person with a close connection to Parkinson's disease, you know how difficult this disease can be. Thankfully, compassionate people like you are here to help! 

EVERY 9 MINUTES is an APDA fundraising campaign that will run for 9 days, beginning on Nov 9 and ending on Nov 18. This is a chance to share your story with your friends, family, and colleagues, and become a vital fundraiser for Parkinson's disease! Money raised from this campaign will be used to pay for research, education programs, and materials, and support services, all right here in the Northwest. Thanks to our generous matching pool, the first 150 people to register will get $99.99 added to their fundraising page!

With proceeds from this event, our goal is to fully fund our local Parkinson's Disease Registry which connects researchers to study participants and allows research to happen faster. Let that sink in. With your fundraising help, RESEARCH will happen FASTER. Currently there are more than 20 ongoing studies by Northwest clinicians and researchers that are utilizing the Registry. Let's all be part of the next major scientific breakthrough! 

Together we can raise funds for research and provide support to the thousands of people living with PD in the Northwest. With your fundraising help, researchers will be connected to study participants, online education programs will empower people with PD, support groups will stay connected and care partners will feel supported and heard, Together we will make a difference. 

It is easy for you to start raising CRITICAL FUNDS for Parkinson's disease. Just click on the Register Now button. LET'S GET STARTED! 


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