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What is Donor Drive?
DonorDrive® Social Fundraising is an online peer-to-peer fundraising and event registration software. We encourage you to use DonorDrive to communicate with friends and loved ones about the event, collect donations, check your progress, and keep up-to-date on the latest and greatest. Whether you have a personal connection to Parkinson's disease (PD) or are joining as an athlete, healthcare professional, or superhero, DonorDrive is a flexible platform to help you reach your individual goals. From team captain to individual donor, know that you are part of the quest to 'ease the burden, find a cure' for Parkinson's disease. Together, we are making a difference. 

How do I participate in an activity online?
From your event page, click on the 'Register Now' button and choose the participant type that is the best match. DonorDrive will guide you through the registration process. Once your transaction is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. If at any time you are stuck, help is just a call or email away.  View an Optimism participation flyer HERE.

What is that long website address for that I received in my confirmation receipt?
When you register for a fundraising event, you receive a unique URL (website address) that links to your personal donation page. Any time you send a request for support related to the event, you will want to make sure that your URL is included so that your recipient will be directed to your page. If you choose to send an email using your online dashboard (recommended), the link will be automatically included. As you fundraise leading up to the event, we recommend that you add your URL to all communications with potential donors it emails, texts or paper airplanes. One popular technique is to add your URL as a hyperlink to your email signature.

My personal URL is difficult to remember. Can I change it?
Once you are registered, you have the opportunity to personalize your URL. Navigate to your online dashbard by clicking on the 'Participant Login' button on the home page. Once you are logged in, click on 'Profile' under Welcome [Your Name] then choose the button that says 'Your Fundraising Page'. A drop down list will appear and you can make changes to your URL by selecting 'Edit Your Page'. Be sure to save your changes. 

Can friends and family make a donation to a specific participant through the main website?
Yes. On the home page of the website, anyone can locate a participant (as long as they are registered) by clicking on the 'Donate Now' button then utilizing the search box.

What happens if the search box does not find a participant?
First, double check to make sure the participant has completed their registration. To successfully utilize the search box, you must type in the first name or last name exactly how it is spelled. It is not case-sensitive. You may want to ask the participant to send you an email with their personal URL as this will bring you directly to their page. If you continue to experience problems, please contact us right away.

Can I see who has donated to me?
Absolutely! Log in to your online dashboard then visit the 'Donations' section near the top. Click on 'Donations Received' from the drop down to view your list of donors.

Not all of my donors are showing up in the scroll bar mechanism. Why?
When someone makes a contribution, they have the option whether or not to appear in the recognition scroll bar mechanism. Some of your donors may be feeling a bit shy.

Is my registration fee a tax-deductible donation?
If you pay to participate in an event, the entry fee is most likely not deductible. This is because the money that you pay for entry usually entitles you to receive some pretty cool stuff, for example a t-shirt. Top acheivers may even receive special gifts and prizes. As a result, the IRS determines that these types of contributions are not tax-deductible. However, donations that you (and others) make above and beyond the entry fee are considered tax-deductible. These important contributions will earn you good karma and a written acknowledgement (to thank you and for tax purposes). 

Uh oh. I forgot my Username and Password. 
It happens to the best of us. From the home page, click on 'Participant Login' then choose the forgotten password link. You will receive a username/password recovery email. 

Is my information secure?
Yes. We take your privacy seriously and make every effort to protect your information. We hate spam and will never sell or share your personal details. DonorDrive uses industry-standard SSL encryption techniques to ensure that your financial and demographic data travels securely over the internet. 

Your FAQ is awesome but I still need more help. 
We love to answer your questions. Please visit the 'Contact Us' section of your event page to send your questions and comments.