The American Parkinson Disease Association counts on your participation in our awareness and fundraising events across the country.  Show your support by attending an event in your area or simply make a donation now.  Your contributions help us achieve our mission to  Ease the Burden - Find the Cure by funding:

APDA Local Events


10-4-2015 Piscataway, NJ - Optimism Walk 


10-4-2015  Omaha, NE - Optimism Walk 


10-10-2015 Roseville, MN - Optimism Walk


10-10-2015  Glendale, AZ - Optimism Walk


10-10-2015  Westport, CT - Optimism Walk


10-10-2015  Glen Allen, VA - Parkinson's Disease Education Day


10-12-2015 St. Louis, MO - Fashion Show


10-16-2015 South Dennis, MA - An Educational Program on PD Mood Matters


10-17-2015 Des Moines, IA - PD Walkers at the Des Moines Marathon


10-21-2015 Atlanta, GA - Oktoberfest


10-24-2015 West Hartford, CT - Optimism Walk


11-1-2015 Cincinnati, OH Caregiver Day


11-7-2015 Middleton, WI - PD Symposium


11-8-2015 Staten Island, NY Optimsim Bowl-A-Thon


11-14-15 Cincinnati, OH - PD EDU Series


11-21-2015 Fort Lauderdale, FL - PD Workshop




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Optimism is coming to Arizona!
Glendale, AZ  |  10/10/2015
Optimism is coming to Arizona! 153 Participants
$5,280.00 Raised
West Hartford Optimism Parkinson Walk
West Hartford, CT  |  10/24/2015
West Hartford Optimism Parkinson Walk 5 Participants
$1,450.00 Raised
APDA Wisconsin Chapter's Symposium
Middleton, WI  |  11/07/2015
APDA Wisconsin Chapter's Symposium 52 Participants
$10,070.00 Raised
Strike out Parkinson's Bowl-A-Thon
Staten Island, NY  |  11/08/2015
Strike out Parkinson's Bowl-A-Thon 0 Participants
$0.00 Raised
Optimism Personal Campaign
Optimism Personal Campaign $156,712.28 Raised

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